Three good reasons we should build your Costa Rica container home


Before you start looking around for a Costa Rica container home, contact us first. Here’s why:

1) We use refrigerated containers – or reefers – ONLY

Home insulation is a must in Costa Rica. It gets hot. The highest insulation you can buy here are rolls of R-13, and they are rare. R-11 and R-9 are most common. Therefore, you’ll be using your A/C a lot. Spraying foam insulation will cost you almost as much as the container itself. Click on the photos below to enlarge.

Don’t live in an oven! Our refrigerated containers are ALREADY insulated to a factor between R-24 and R-30 on all six sides. That is more than twice the heat protection anyone else gives you.

Our windows and doors have double-pane glass. So with these closed tightly, all you have to do is run your A/C for 30 minutes before you turn in. You’re good for the night and much of the morning. Therefore, a home from a refrigerated container means you’ll pay a lot less for electricity.

Refrigerated containers were used to build both our model spec home and the home for our client south of Quepos.

Another benefit of reefers for your Costa Rica container home: the ones we buy are guaranteed chemical free, as they are used to transport edibles.

2) Our cabinets and our entire containers are all custom-designed

All our cabinets are custom-made at our partners’ workshop, and installed there. Also, their late-model, impressive woodworking machinery comes from the USA and Europe. So they don’t have any of the mass-produced Home Hardware, Ekono or Ikea stuff other builders install. Our builders have 50 years’ experience designing, fabricating and installing upscale custom-made cabinets in Costa Rica. Click on the photos below to enlarge.

As a result, they carefully use state-of-the art, moisture- and humidity-proof non wood-fiber materials in areas of the shipping container home, such as around and under sinks and refrigerators, where humidity and moisture could be a problem.

Our builders have exclusivity for cabinets for Scotiabank branches in all of Central America and the Caribbean. Click on the photos below to enlarge.

They have built and shipped five portable shipping container emergency bank branches for Scotiabank (photos left and center) for use in the the hurricane-prone Caribbean islands.

3) We don’t use casual labor

Others may hire off the street when jobs arise. But our builders have a permanent core of expert, experienced welders, cabinet-makers, electricians, plumbers and other skilled personnel who have all previously worked on container homes, including ours.

So if you are looking to build a shipping container home in Costa Rica, make us your first stop. Call 1-800-407-9438 from the US; 1-858-736-9031 from the US and Canada; +506 7125-8852 from everywhere else and on WhatsApp, or email us. We look forward to talking to and working with you.