If you own a property in Costa Rica and are looking to build, it’s time to think outside the box. Think 90 days!

We will create a really cool, modern, attractive and long-lasting shipping container home just for you, incorporating exactly what you want, and as many modules as you want. Forget about the ugly brown cube. (Click on photos to enlarge.)

If the container home can be moved – placed but not fixed on blocks, concrete or gravel, or on a chassis – you probably WON’T need a building permit!

Design it now. When you return to Costa Rica, you can start building right away. In 90 days’ time, it will be on your property, ready for quick installation.

In just three months, you can have a cost-efficient container home that is wonderful both to look at and to live in. All it takes is your imagination plus the know-how of our experienced builders and craftspeople.

We will build your dream shipping container home at a modern workshop on the outskirts of San José, and deliver it to your Costa Rica property for quick installation and 21st-century living. Three months after we start, it will be on your property, ready for you to hook up and move in.

We have built a luxury four-container home with a 960 sq ft ocean-view deck for a client on one of our 1.25-acre oceanview lots above Playa Hermosa. (Click on photos to enlarge.)

We have also built a one-container home on another of these Playa Hermosa lots. (Click on photos to enlarge.)

And before that, we completed a one-container module, designed for adding more containers, for a client for her Pacific coast property between Quepos and Dominical. It was designed so that additional containers could be added for more space. (Click on photos to enlarge.)

We build to North American standards using modern materials and machinery. Our builder worked for an acclaimed company founded in 1971 by a Costa Rican cabinet maker and his US wife which has exclusivity for Scotiabank in Central America and the Caribbean. Aside from almost 50 years designing and building luxury kitchens and cabinets, and now building the cabinets and offices for regular Scotiabank branches, they and he completed and shipped six sophisticated portable emergency one-container banks for Scotiabank to use in the hurricane-prone Caribbean. (Click on photos to enlarge.)

They also built a four-container, four-efficiency apartment rental unit. These and many more reasons are why you should go with us!

Your container home in Costa Rica could be on the list. Prices start at just over $30,000.00 for a basic starter home, plus what you have to pay for delivery and installation. Have an idea of what you want – or even if you don’t yet? Contact us now. Talk to us. Then send us rough sketches or more detailed designs. We will pass them on to our builders, and put them in direct contact with you. Yes, they speak perfect English!

Out of these consultations, and taking structural limitations, feasibility and your budget into account, they will produce detailed renderings, a cost estimate, and payment options. After that, it’s up to you! In just 90 days’ time you could move into your new container home.

Contact us now for more information about a modern, attractive container home for your Costa Rica property. Call 1-800-407-9438 from the USA, 1-858-736-9031 from the USA and Canada, +506 2282-7215 from everywhere else, and +506 7125-8852 on WhatsApp. Or you can email us.

Don’t wait for summer. Do it now!