Single Container Home on 1.25 Acres in Playa Hermosa, Costa Rica Starting at Just $129,000

We have started building our own model one shipping-container home AND a customized three-container home for a client. Click on HOMES IN PROGRESS at the top to take a look at both. (We already completed a luxury four-container home.) Own a comfortable, contemporary shipping container home much like our model home on a stunning 1.25-acre ocean view lot starting at $129,000. Enjoy ocean views and lush tropical surroundings above surfing mecca Playa Hermosa, minutes south of Jacó on Costa Rica's Central Pacific coast. Customize your container home for off-grid living. Use it as a year-round residence, a vacation home, or a rental property. Terms are available for the qualified buyer. Already have a lot in Costa Rica? No problem! Our attractive 320 sq ft single container homes start at $30,000 USD, and we can deliver and install one of them - or a shipping container home customized specially for you! - almost anywhere. Call 1-800-407-9438, 1-858-736-9031, +506 7125-8852 (WhatsApp) or email us via our Contact page now!
We can build! Click on the VIDEOS button on the top left of this page. You will find a drone panorama of our Playa Hermosa 1.25-acre ocean view lots. There is also a video that a Canadian company made of the luxury four-container home we completed in August 2018. And finally, a short YouTube video. You too can own a modern, comfortable container home. Contact us to know more.

Important Numbers

Starting at $129,000
Square Feet per Container
Month Building Time
Minutes to Nearest Beach

Property Details

Tiny is Trending Now

Bigger is not always better when buying and enjoying a home. Smaller is the trend today. You can do just about everything in a tiny home that you can in a huge mansion, enjoy it just as much, and be just as creative with design and décor.

Custom Container Homes

Our modern, attractive container home customized for Costa Rica living can be the perfect solution for living in paradise. See the one we are building now. A single-unit container home is an inexpensive and compelling year-round residence. It can also be a vacation home to generate income, and easily adaptable for eco-friendly off-grid living. You can own it on one of our lots starting at $129,000, or on yours starting at $30,000 plus delivery and installation costs. We are building this container home now for a client! Forget about the ugly brown box. Today’s designers have created customized, attractive container homes that can stand tall anywhere. The only limit is your imagination.

Details & Features

1.25-Acre (5,000 m2) Lots
Ready in Three Months
Ten Minutes from the Beach
  • Ocean view titled property
  • A mile (1.3 km) back from the ocean
  • 800 ft (250 m) above sea level
  • Cool breezes day and night
  • Low maintenance
  • Secure and worry-free design
  • Easy to move
  • Full kitchen, bedroom and bathroom
  • Options to customize and upgrade
  • Off-grid customization available
A one-container home can be a year-round or temporary residence. When you're not enjoying it, your family can. It can produce rental income. We are building a model one-container home now. If you then build something bigger, it can easily be moved and used for an attractive in-law or guest home, or for quarters for a live-in maid, gardener or handyman. Talk to us now about how you can build and own a comfortable, contemporary container home on one of our gorgeous 1.25-acre ocean view lots starting at $129,000.

Contact Information

Contact: Mark Sydney Toll-free, USA: 1-800-407-9438 USA and Canada direct: 1-858-736-9031 Everywhere else: +506 2282-7215 WhatsApp and text: +506 7125-8852 Email: costaricatinyhomes(at)

Price: Starting at $129,000

Our First Container Home

We finished this four-container luxury residence last summer. Take a good look at this documentary produced by a film company from Toronto, Canada just before the home was finished. Also, paste these coordinates —  9.603214, -84.586708  — into your Google Maps search. Zoom in on the Satellite View, and you can actually see it. The developer is Richard Krug, who has lived in Costa Rica for the past 30 years, and is best known as one of the pioneers of sportfishing tourism in the country. The builder was Gabriel (Gabe) Tomasini, a licensed welder and California building inspector who came here to build this home.

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Why Container Homes?

Quick Build Times

Quick Build Times

At a fraction of the cost

A container home can be built quickly. It costs less to build than a house built of conventional materials. We will build and customize it off-site, and then deliver it to your land ready to move in. Once completed you can live in your tiny home, and if you want, build your dream home on the same property.

Off-Grid Ready

Off-Grid Ready

Easily converted to self-sufficiency

If you are contemplating off-the-grid living, a tiny container home is far easier to customize with solar panels and water supply than is a traditional home. Everything from the electrical wiring to the plumbing is easily adaptable to a solar panel system, rain catchment, and even battery backups and cisterns.

Low Maintenance

Low Maintenance

Environmentally friendly homes

A tiny home costs less to build, and less to maintain. Containers are built to withstand extreme cold and extreme heat, and everything from rain to snow to sleet. They are earthquake- and hurricane-proof. Tiny homes are environmentally friendly. They leave a smaller footprint, and do less harm to nature.

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Costa Rica Container Home
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Custom Built Container Homes

Follow the progress of our custom built container homes.
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Perhaps you already have a lot in Costa Rica, and would like us to build a container home for it. WE ARE NOW ALMOST READY FOR THAT! We are putting together a team of experienced. professional welders and home builders who will be able to build your tiny container home off-site at our facilities and bring it to you for installing. All you need is a flat area on your lot, and the necessary permits. Delivery and installation costs will vary depending on your location. Keep in touch for updates.
CALL US NOW FOR MORE INFORMATION. Our single-container home will cost slightly under $30,000, not including delivery and installation. It can be customized on request for off-grid living.

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